About Emily

Emily smiling and posing in front of the exterior wall of Toomer's Drugs in Downtown Auburn. The wall hosts a mural of the 2010 national football championship, which Auburn won 14-0.

Outside of the Office

I teach group fitness classes at Auburn's Recreation and Wellness Center. I have taught the popular Butts & Guts class for three semesters and recently completed training for TRX. Outside of the gym, I like to work on perfecting my culinary skills and binge watch episodes of Grey's Anatomy and The Office. Of course, that's when it's not college football season.

Emily sitting on the hardwood floor with her dogs as they celebrate the dogs' shared birthday

The Basics

I am a recent graduate of Auburn University and completed my Bachelor's degree in public relations with a minor in marketing. For four semesters, I interned at TRINDGROUP, a public relations, marketing and design agency in Auburn, Alabama, where I worked with both B2B and B2C clients.



Emily and Aubie the tiger sit and hug on a patch of grass

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