The Importance of Internships

As the completion of the third semester of my current internship at TRINDGROUP nears, I have been thinking back on my experience. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given and the important lessons I have learned. Auburn’s public relations program requires the completion of one semester of internship, but I believe in the importance of internships so much that I am now nearing the completion of my fourth. Keep reading for my list of reasons why internships are important.


  1. Gaining real world experience

Only so much can be taught in a classroom. The best way to really learn how to do a job is by actually doing it. An internship will also act as an effective transition from college life to a real-world environment. This includes more than just specific job skills, but also professional experiences like communicating with clients, working in an office setting and learning to work from 9 to 5 (it’s harder than you’d think).


  1. Networking opportunities

By interacting with professionals in the same field, interns are given the opportunity to make connections. These connections can act as references or mentors to help with the job hunt after graduation. Meeting more people is never a bad thing, and you never know how those relationships can end up being extremely beneficial.


  1. Learn more about that career

I love animals, so for a long time I believed that I wanted to be a veterinarian. It took just one day of shadowing at a vet’s office to learn that I, in fact, did not want to be a veterinarian. Internships are a great way to test out a career and see if it’s something you actually want to pursue, which adds to their importance. And, if not, you’ll still have time to change your major.


  1. Get a job

Many companies will offer full-time positions to interns upon graduation. Of course, this is not guaranteed, but it could happen! Receiving a job offer without going on a job hunt is what every college student dreams about. Even if the internship doesn’t result in a job offer, it adds more experience to your resume, which is something all potential employers look for.


  1. Earn a little extra cash

Many students have part-time jobs while in college. The downfall of this is the time commitment that takes away from schoolwork. Pursuing a paid internship is a great way to keep a cash flow while doing something related to your career. Getting a paycheck all while gaining experience and building your resume is a no-brainer.


Having an internship can only benefit you, so check out one of these sites to begin your search.