The Importance of Learning to Code

When I told my parents that I was learning to code, my mom said, “Wow, I remember when I learned to type.” In just one generation, technology has evolved immensely, and it will continue to change. Learning to code is a valuable way to keep up with the advances.


Even supermodel Karlie Kloss is an advocate of coding. She started Kode with Klossy in 2015, which is a summer camp and scholarship program for girls ages 13 to 18 that teaches them to code. Kloss began coding three years ago and is still learning new computer languages today.


Benefits of Learning to Code:

  • Teaching yourself a new skill shows employers that you are willing to learn other skills and information, too.
  • Coding can increase your problem-solving skills. I like to think of it as a digital version of Sudoku.
  • Market yourself to potential employers and bring your skills to life by creating a personal website that includes a digital resume and portfolio. This is what I am doing now!
  • Earn a bigger salary by increasing your value with a larger skill set.
  • Become an essential employee by being difficult to replace.


However, becoming a coding guru is not necessary to obtain these benefits. Having just a basic understanding of computer languages, like I do, can go a long way. We use laptops, smartphones and tablets every day. Knowing how computers work and think can be advantageous when using them. As writer, documentarian and lecturer Douglas Rushkoff explained, “If you don’t know what the software you’re using is for, then you’re not using it, but being used by it.”


Coding may seem overwhelming, but getting started is easy. There is a bounty of online resources for beginners. One of my favorites is Codecademy, which is an online program that actively teaches users to code. It stands out among other coding resources because students can immediately see how the code they type changes the look and function of what they are creating. It is the coding resource that I use most often and have been relying on while building my website.


There are many benefits from learning to code, so get started today.