Google Analytics certification, expires May 15, 2019

Google Analytics

Being an internet powerhouse, Google has advanced, in-depth measurement tools that can be difficult to interpret to the untrained eye. With a certification in Google Analytics, I am able to utilize these tools to recognize successes and failures in previously implemented public relations and marketing strategies and suggest a course of action.

Hootsuite Certified Professional emblem

Social Media Management

Hootsuite is the world’s most-used social media management platform. As a certified professional, I have the ability to effectively and easily manage any client’s social media accounts.


Hubspot Academy Inbound Certified, expires November 1, 2019

Inbound Marketing

The concept of inbound marketing and sales has proven to be successful. The HubSpot Inbound certification ensures that I am skilled and knowledgable in all things inbound. By using skills from the four stages of the inbound methodology, I can convert potential leads into loyal customers.


CITI Program ethics training certificate

Ethics Training

All research requires that ethical guidelines and procedures are followed. Completion of the CITI Program’s human subjects research course trained me on how to ethically conduct research involving humans as the source of information. Common public relations and marketing research tactics like focus groups and surveys may seem uneventful, but they too must abide by ethical standards and legal requirements.


Adult First Aid/CPR/AEDĀ