Top Coding Resources for College Students

Increasing your problem-solving skills and earning a bigger salary are just two benefits of knowing how to code. Auburn University’s public relations program recognizes these benefits, and more, and has worked coding into the curriculum. All PR students at Auburn must build their own websites before graduating. As I have been working on mine, I have developed a list of go-to resources that I have come to heavily rely on. These tools are easy to use and are geared toward college-aged users.


  1. Codecademy

I started my website project with this coding resource and it has been with me since. This online program stands out because of its interactive features. Students can immediately see how the code they type changes the look and function of a site. Codecademy offers courses in several different languages from basic HTML to more advanced Python and Ruby. The best part about Codecademy? It’s free.


  1. Udacity

Created by Stanford University, this resource has information on all things computers, even courses on virtual reality and self-driving cars. But, their courses on web development are extremely helpful for both beginners and those who want to brush up on their skills. While these courses aren’t free, Udacity does offer a free introduction to computer science course.


  1. Hack Hands

If you already know how to code, but are drawing a blank on how to make that webpage look just how you want it, this is the coding resource to use. Hack Hands connects coders with questions to coders with answers. It’s free to use if the session is under five minutes, but costs one dollar per minute after that (totally worth it). It’s perfect for those late-night coding sessions when emailing your professor isn’t really an option.


I have learned a lot through my website building process, and I owe these resources a big “thank you.” They have helped me and many others around the globe to become skillful coders and have earned their way to being the top coding resources for college students.